2018 was a great year. Although 2019 doesn’t seem to hold much promise for success, there are plenty of published games that will keep players of all stripes happy and satisfied. To make your fingers’ train easier, we’ve chosen the most played games of 2019.

A review of the top video games of 2019 can be found below.

10. Apex Legends

The previous several years have seen a boom in the battle royale genre. And Apex Legends has succeeded in raising the bar. The creators combined the most significant elements of Titanfall and PUBG to create a motion for John Wick that is incredibly compelling. The action’s defining characteristics are the beautifully imagined settings, the intricately drawn characters, and the atmosphere of unrelenting bullet rain. Additionally, playing is completely free.

9. An Innocence Plague Tale

For its stunning scripts and captivating gameplay, Asobo Studio is well-known. And a wonderful opportunity to test it out in its most recent release. Two young children fleeing the Inquisition and the Black Death that was raging in France around 650 years ago is where the story begins. The protagonists must find unexpected hiding spots, shelter, and other survival aids. That sounds intriguing, huh?

8. Baba Is You

To make this list, what kind of two-dimensional puzzler should it be? It ought to be “Baba Is You,” though. There are only four rules to follow, and you can have a lot of fun. Your main character is a critter that resembles a rabbit and must move pebbles and dodge obstacles to reach the flag (to complete each level). You’ll soon discover that you can move more than just rocks and that there are numerous completion options.

7. Iceborne in Monster Hunter: World

Imagine living in a dream world with stunning wintertime scenery and frightening beasts lurking in the forests, caves, and snow. Alaska might be on your mind. Most likely, we forgot to mention that those animals are not your typical animals. They are swift, powerful creatures with deadly claws, and it can be challenging to distinguish between the hunter and the prey.

6. Devil May Cry 5

The entire setting, Dante, and demons are the same in the sequel. So, you might wonder, what’s the difference? Everything revolves around where to battle the enemies and how to do it. One of the many plotlines that weave through this horrifying masterwork is the frantic pursuit of a motorbike carrying a sword through the darkened streets of Tokyo.

5. The Division 2

Division 2 is already regarded as the finest loot shooter this year. No title that has been released or announced can rival this. The narrative places you in the heart of a post-apocalyptic Washington, the nation’s capital. Due to AI-powered adversaries, combat appears to be more strategic and unpredictable. The gameplay loop is quickly connected to another so players can select the scenario they want to follow.

4. Kingdom Hearts III

One of Asia’s most popular video games is Kingdom Hearts III, which is also gaining popularity in North America and Europe. It has all the required elements to accomplish so, including captivating battle mechanics, stunning scenery, and well-developed characters. The story, though, is what matters most. Will you get the bravery to assist Sora in her daring escape from the Heartless and Nobodies and get ready to face the unknowable?

3. Link’s Awakening in The Legend of Zelda

Zelda will most likely show up in all searches and surveys if you’re wondering what the most popular video games are right now. This fascinating journey immediately wins you with its stunning style, exhilarating sounds, and superb playability. Dungeon exploration has never been so mysterious and thrilling at the same time.

2. Resident Evil

Do you recall the 1998 film Resident Evil 2? For millions of teenagers and adults of all ages, it was the best video game and an extremely famous action. Capcom’s reboot from 2019 will make their heads explode for all RE fans. Superb sound design, fantastic sound design, and surprisingly intelligent zombies are all things that will keep you immersed in a renowned horror survival game for hours.

1. Tetris 99

No, there was no error. One of the most played games in 2019 is Tetris. The game is now a battle royale one, though. Just picture 99 people engaged in combat with cheap blocks and KO badges! Teamwork is essential in Tetris 99 since your colleagues may accidentally kick in some blocks when you least expect it.

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