With so many games on the market today and the gaming industry coming under more scrutiny than ever before it is no wonder that from time to time there will be adverse reactions to some of the games being produced. Many parents now want violent video games to be banned from developing so that their children cannot play them.

The Relation of Violent Video Games

If you read most of the news articles today you will find that game programming is on the rise despite the fact that the economy seems to be struggling. However, it seems that even though there are lots of people who struggle to get by on a daily basis, there is still enough room to buy video games and consoles. The popularity of video games has increased over the years and this is due to the more complex design and advancement of games in technology. Gone are the days of simple platform games.

The industry has realized that they need to produce high-quality 3D style games that immerse you in the action. All of these games require video game testing which is an integral part of the development process. The problem, however, is that there seems to be a lot of violent gaming around when it comes to a generation of games that are slightly older than 18 years of age. In a recent survey, a selection of adults who had children as well as those who were not asked about violent video games and their sales.

A large percentage of about 72 percent of adults believe that laws should be enacted to prevent the sale of violent and sexual video games on the market because they are not a good influence on children. The survey was conducted with the thoughts and views of more than two thousand adults who were interviewed recently. Many adults have a real problem with the explicit physical and sexually explicit games sold in this country.

Do Violent Video Games Trigger Aggression?

Children are greatly influenced by what they see and hear and video games that promote violence as a good thing cannot help the situation. Most of the adults questioned were concerned about the impact of violent video games on their children. This is not big publicity for the gaming industry and their efforts to continuously increase their revenue and profits.

The question remains wherever you look about what can be done to protect children from the violent games on sale. Many believe that the gaming industry as a whole is not doing enough to protect their children from violence in video games. The government should come down hard on gaming companies that produce games that have a devastating effect on children and influence their decisions when it comes to violence.

The truth is in the fact that there is no way the company will be blocked from designing and developing these games. The real problem lies with the shops selling these games to those under the indicated age. Most of these games are for those over 18 and too often younger kids can buy them freely. It has been found that a large number of retailers place a ban on selling this game to those under the age of buying this type of video game. However, there will always be some who fall through the internet and continue to sell these games to younger kids. This is a problem that is unlikely to go away in the coming years unless game manufacturers completely stop producing these types of games.