Why is video game marketing crucial? Worldwide gaming activity is constantly increasing, keeping game creation companies like Melior Games busy. The number of games increases in line with one of the fundamental principles of the market, the law of supply and demand. Due to intense competition, developers must drastically increase their spending to attract clients. What can a smaller business do if it cannot spend a lot of money on conventional promotional techniques? Let’s talk about the four simple and effective game promotion strategies.

Top 2020 Video Game Marketing Techniques

The effectiveness of traditional commercials on TV, in newspapers, and in other mass media has decreased during the past ten years. Simply put, everyone is sick of it. Therefore, producers must look at new strategies for video game promotion. The four most convincing are listed below:

  • Utilize influencers to connect with the potential audience;
  • Launch an advertising campaign on social media;
  • Set up live events;
  • Use crowdsourcing for marketing.

What platforms you plan to release your game on is irrelevant. These techniques are now the most effective and garner the most interest from prospective users. Let’s examine these video game marketing techniques in more detail.

Influencer marketing

The majority of millennials follow at least a few influencers in addition to being avid gamers. These can include a variety of bloggers, streamers, Instagram celebrities, and other online celebrities. Their assistance is now quite helpful in promoting video games.

The percentage of people under 35 who regularly watch e-sports broadcasts or other content on various streaming services is shown in the graph above (Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Mixer, etc.). One of the top 5 most downloaded apps globally is Instagram. Consider how well-known your game may become if millennials watch their favorite influencer play or review it regularly. By the way, Melior Games frequently uses this method of promotion for its best games.

Social media promotion

Have you ever seen any ads through your Facebook or Instagram feed? Most likely, you didn’t because most people don’t pay close attention to the subheaders of a post to recognize an advertisement. The viewers view your advertising as regular postings as they navigate through their feeds. That is the first excellent justification for hiring an SMM manager.

Additionally, social media marketing technologies provide very targeted audience targeting. Your campaign can be targeted based on various pertinent factors, including gender, age group, nationality, occupation, preferred hobby, and many others. You may significantly boost your consumer base with strategically targeted social media gaming marketing efforts.

Alive events

What could be more exciting for teenagers than socializing by going to a party and meeting new people? And what could be more thrilling for them than a small gathering where everyone is focused on a single item or subject? Take, for instance, your brand-new, exciting, trendy video game! This strategy has been used successfully numerous times by Melior Games.

Large cities are where this type of advertising works best. As a result, you may invite the same bloggers, celebrities, and influencers to your event. You might be able to pique the curiosity of the most well-liked of them by offering some additional reward. Many would then comment on the visit, providing you with a free video game promotion.

Public-sourced advertising

Crowdsourced marketing is a relatively new concept and is perhaps the most straightforward game marketing technique. This is a technique for covert (“guerrilla”) online advertising using comments made on a product, service, or video in forums, blogs, or other online communities. In other words, crowd marketing is a contemporary version of “word of mouth,” spreading cheerful customer or buyer testimonials to others by responding to their queries or issues.

Since it needs minor work from a marketer, promotion with crowd marketing is an excellent option in terms of return and efficiency. This promotion type applies equally to favorable customer evaluations in app marketplaces like Play Market, App Store, or Steam.


At the moment, Melior Games doesn’t even have a separate marketing division. We can successfully advertise our video games by utilizing these four effective video game marketing strategies while also enabling the employees to concentrate on the design and production of our products.