If you play Xbox 360 games frequently, the original disc will become damaged and cannot be played forever. “How do I burn 360 games?” are the top 10 questions from Xbox gamers, you should know that you can burn Xbox 360 games yourself. But you cannot burn Xbox 360 games using normal burning software, as all Xbox 360 games have copyright protection on the disc.

If you play games a lot, Xbox 360 games will have many scratches on the surface of the disc. If a scratch occurs in the inner layer you can’t copy that game and lose it permanently, it can’t be played and can’t be copied forever. Then, if you’re only buying Xbox 360 games, decide right away to buy Xbox 360 burning software.

The Xbox burning software is very easy to use. I will roughly explain how to burn 360 matches?

4 steps to burn an Xbox 360 game:

  • After you purchase and install the program on your computer, insert the original disc into your computer that has the Xbox 360 burning software installed.
  •  This program will break the protection of Xbox 360 games, the copied image will be created automatically by the program.
  •  Insert a blank disc and the data will be copied onto it.

The burning process is complete, and you can play your favorite games using the Xbox 360 backup game instead of the original.

By now, you know how to burn 360 matches. And there is a lot of free software on the internet. Yes, you can download free software and burn your favorite games using it. But it is very risky that your game may be permanently damaged.

Then, I recommend you to use reliable Xbox burning software which is very inexpensive, and can be found easily on the internet.

Losing your favorite Xbox 360 Game is terrible.

However, if you have a spare disk, the original will be with you forever. You can take a disc backup of your favorite games with How to Burn Games for Xbox 360 which is reliable burning software that you can use easily.