Winter has arrived, and if we weren’t already expecting to spend more time inside due to the epidemic, the rain, freezing weather, and darkness ensure that we’re rushing for our sofas to distract us from our problems. But why not use your brain by playing some online games instead of fading out during the next episode of a TV you’re only half watching?

Here are some possibilities to help make those long winter evenings a little more entertaining, whether you want to challenge your pals, compete against nameless strangers, or take on a malicious AI.

One of Us

Imagine the setting. One of a tiny group in space, you’re attempting to maintain your craft together and make it back to Earth without incident. There is only one issue. A group among them is not who they claim to be. The crew has been replaced with an extraterrestrial parasite, and they will do everything it takes to thwart your plans for a safe landing and kill each crew member individually. Once a character has been declared dead, players can only communicate with one another; if you accuse the wrong player, you must resume your task until another character dies. It’s beautiful, tense fun to play with buddies or strangers.

This game, which combines aspects of Snake and Pac-Man, is highly addictive. You see, you’re in charge of a snake ravenous for dots, and you become fatter with every drop you eat. However, other snakes are on the board, and the game is finished if you touch one of them. When you try to take your score to the top of the leaderboard while avoiding your rivals, what initially appears to be simple quickly becomes more complex and intense. A cunning player will turn and twist to ensure they collide with you rather than the other way around. Although there isn’t much of a plot, once you start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down. In 2016, the game generated more than $100,000 per day, which is still going strong today.

Internet poker

It’s more tempting than ever to don your lucky shades and take on a group of strangers now that we can’t get together to play a game of poker with our friends and coworkers. Texas Hold ’em, Five Card Draw, and Seven Card Stud are just a few of the poker variations you may play at online casinos throughout the internet. Picking just one will be your most complex challenge. This blog post includes the top gambling sites, and it’s well worth reading their in-depth analysis of the top and most well-liked locations to see which is ideal for you.


If you enjoy playing online games, you probably already know about Runescape, but if not, the long winter is the ideal time to give it a try. A recent Steam release has provided this free MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), which has been around since 2001, with new life. Over the years, 200 million people are thought to have played it, with 11,000 players typically online at any given moment. Enter a medieval setting full of monsters, legendary creatures, and dragons to engage in combat, group adventures, trade, and barter. You can choose to cooperate or engage in conflict.

Universe Catan

We can no longer play a fantastic game of Catan at the dinner table, just as we can no longer enjoy a game of poker at the kitchen table. Thankfully, it has been posted online! The Settlers of Catan, a board game where players battled to develop their society over hexagonal tiles utilizing the available resources, was initially released in Germany in 1995. It just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Veteran Catan players will tell you that the game quickly becomes quite competitive as players start to collide and fight to reach 10 points. Although there are many new developments, the online version has been around since 2016 and retains much of the old flavor. Try to avoid arguing with your buddies. It’s supposed to be fun.

Overcooked 2

This recreates the stress of attempting to juggle too many tasks in the kitchen at once if you’re missing the feeling of throwing a dinner party for many of your exceedingly picky friends. While Overcooked is a game that can be played offline, two to four players can also play it online. The game’s goal is to run a kitchen where orders keep pouring in, ingredients must be chopped, and dishes need to be washed. Can you coordinate yourselves effectively enough to avoid being carried along on the madness’ endless conveyor belt? Or will you and your buddies fall apart as you all try to take on the most straightforward duty while utterly ignoring the rest of the work that has to be done? Discover who in your friend group takes this all too seriously and who left to have a drink at the worst possible time with the release of Overcooked: All You Can Eat alongside the PS5.

WMD worms

How many of us spent countless hours on the couch as children, teenagers, and adults directing a small squad of worms wielding enormous weapons as they blew their foes (and themselves, a lot of the time) to smithereens? An online multiplayer version of Worms is accessible on Windows and Mac for anyone searching for a good nostalgia hit during the lengthy lockdown hours. Although it has undergone some modernization, the basic idea has not changed:

  • Arm those worms.
  • Nudge them toward the enemy to deal maximum damage.
  • Avoid getting in the way of your artillery.

Although it’s easier said than done, it’s a lot of fun.