2018 was a great year. Although 2019 doesn’t seem to hold much promise for success, there are plenty of published games that will keep players of all stripes happy and satisfied. To make your fingers’ train easier, we’ve chosen the most played games of 2019.

Contrary to the literature, paintings, or cinematic art, the video game genre does not rely on the virtual world’s narrative or content. Since it’s usual for genres to be mixed, there is no single classification system for video games; instead, various sources may label the same game differently.

The creators put together our list of game genres at Melior Games based on the many kinds of player participation.


One of the most well-liked video game genres involves overcoming obstacles on various gameplay levels using quick reflexes and reaction times. This is one of the fundamental genres and also one of the most popular. Action games typically demand aggressive behavior against adversaries and the environment. The player’s character must engage in combat, fire weapons, chase a target, or flee a pursuit. Action games with sizable adventure-related components are called “action/adventure” games. The arcade game style fits here with its straightforward and basic gameplay.

Various game types are combined in this genre:

  • Players who shoot at their opponents. Depending on the viewpoint, they can be classified as first-person shooters (like Wolfenstein 3D) or third-person shooters (Max Payne). There are different types, including tactical games where a game character works as a team (SWAT 4), arcade games (Alien Shooter), and stealth action games that use covert tactics to do tasks without harming enemies (the Hitman series).
  • Fighting is the recreation of close combat, typically hand-to-hand, in designated areas. Street Fighter and the Mortal Kombat series are two examples.
  • Beat them ups are fighting games in which players can freely move about the game area and engage numerous opponents at once. Examples include Double Dragon, Battletoads, and Golden Ax.
  • Platformers require the player to move, jump across platforms, and get through obstacles—Mario, Spyro the Dragon, and Megaman, as examples.
  • Labyrinths: The protagonist navigates a maze while searching for a way out, gathering things, and avoiding traps and perils. In games of this kind, there is frequently a time constraint—for instance, Pac-Man and Boulder Dash.


Organizing your actions and building a precise strategy to accomplish a specified goal, such as succeeding in a military operation, is the aim of strategic games. In this game, the player is in charge of a whole army, universe, or even a group of characters. The following are the most well-liked strategy game genres:

  • Turn-based tactics include Civilization and Heroes of Might and Magic III.
  • Age of Empires III and StarCraft are real-time strategy games (RTS).
  • The player of a tower defense game controls protective towers to keep opponents at bay.
  • In a MOBA, the player takes control of a single character and must repel attackers while destroying their base.
  • An online multiplayer real-time strategy game (MMORTS) emphasizes competition and teamwork with other live players to accomplish a common objective.


The player is associated with a specific personality or team captains, such as a knight or wizard. Each role has its traits, and occasionally these attributes affect how the plot develops. Players must complete various tasks to advance a character or group. The activities that can be taken are determined by the feeling the player has chosen or created.

Video games of the role-playing variety are frequently mixed with games of another genre to create Action-RPGs, Tactical RPGs, MUDs, etc. MMORPGs, or multiplayer online role-playing games, are a unique subgenre of role-playing games where actual players communicate with one another in a virtual setting through the internet, dictating the gameplay’s specifics.


All games are simulations, in a sense. In a more limited mind, video games are created to give players a sense of reality by simulating specific real-world phenomena and qualities. Simulator games come in a variety of genres:

  • Technical – control of sophisticated technological apparatus;
  • Arcade games—set themselves apart from traditional arcades by having a more condensed physical representation. X-Wing, as an illustration
  • The FIFA 12 World Cup, racing, and flying;
  • The Sims series covers economics, dating, and other topics.


In adventure video games, the player controls a game character that progresses through the story and does scenario-determined activities that call for attention to detail and logical thinking, such as finding clues and deciphering riddles.

By comparison with action movies and comic books, the plot advances dynamically, is full of colorful incidents and a swift change of environment, and the characters display cunning and bravery rather than physical power. Examples include Syberia, Aladdin from Disney’s Nasira’s Revenge, and Indiana Jones.

Have You Selected Your Video Game Genre?

A great video game is enjoyable for the player and profitable for the developer. The Melior Games crew is knowledgeable about several video game genres and is skilled at creating fantastic games!